Winners of the Kenneth W. Payne Prize


Brandon Davis (Princeton University)
“Desiring Israel: Gays, Jews and Homonationalism”

Honorable Mentions:

Janelle Lamoreaux (University of California San Francisco/Berkeley)
“Fishing for Affinity: Genders Benders and Environmental Activism in China”

Jack Dunn (King’s College, University of Cambridge)
“Fields of Masculinity: Imagining Queer Masculinity in Photography”


Natalie Newton (University of California, Irvine)
“Contingent Invisibility: Space, Community, and Invisibility for Les in Saigon”

Honorable Mentions:

Ryan Richard Thoreson (Oxford University)
“On Panics, Pronouns, and Power: Transnational LGBT NGOs as Nodes in Networks of Knowledge”

Jake Silver (Reed College)
“Intimacy and Assemblage: The Commodity of Queerness in Israel and Abroad”


Eric Plemons (University of California-Berkeley)
“Sexing the Face: Of Bones and Other Materials in the Making of Facial Feminization Surgery”

Jia Hui Lee (HarvardUniversity)
“‘Accept them as they are': Lelaki Lembut as a Category of Effeminacy in Malaysia”

Honorable Mention:

Delwar Hussain (Kings College, Cambridge University)
“‘We Have the Bodies of Men, but the Hearts and Minds of Females': Sexual Lives and Respectability on the Bangladesh-India Border”


Zethu Matebeni (Witwatersrand Institute for Social and Economic Research)
“It’s all about 50/50: Sex, intimacy and pleasure in black lesbian relationships in Johannesburg.”

Honorable Mentions:

Ben Colburn (Brown University)
Standards: Observations on the Production of Political Rifts Within Transgender Communities in the Greater Boston Area.”

Randall Jenson’s (DePaul University)
50 Faggots (documentary film)


Gregory Mitchell (Northwestern University)
“TurboConsumers™ in Paradise: Neoliberalism, Civil Rights, and Brazil’s Gay Sex Tourist Industry”

Honorable Mentions:

Layoung Shin (SUNY Binghamton)
“Becoming ‘Authentic’ Iban within ‘Contagious’ Iban Culture: Young Women’s Same Sex Relationship in South Korea”

Alexis Matza (University of Iowa)
“Maskulinity: The Strategic Use of Gender by Men”


Jennifer L. Chase (UC Irvine)
“The Bird Carried Across:  Traditional Families, Modern Sex, and Belonging in Germany”



John Cho (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
The Wedding Banquet Revisited: ‘Contract Marriages’ Between Korean Gays and Lesbians”

Chris Tan (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
“‘But They are Like You and Me': Gay Civil Servants and Citizenship in a Cosmopolitanizing Singapore.

Honorable Mention:

Ryan Thoreson (Oxford University)
“Somewhere Over the Rainbow Nation: Gay and Lesbian Rights in South Africa After a Decade of Democracy”


Lucinda Ramberg (UC Berkeley)
“Medicalizing the Sacred Body: Subaltern Religiosity and Postcolonial Reform in South India”

Honorable Mention:

Natasha Sandraya Wilson (University of Iowa)
“Queer Situation: Poverty, Prisons, and Performances of Infidelity and Instability in the New Orleans Lesbian Anthem”


Tomi Castle (University of Iowa)
“Sexualizing Citizenship: Identity Politics and Notions of the ‘Ideal Citizen’ in a Brazilian Lesbian Rights Organization.”


Marcia Ochoa (Stanford University)
“Perverse Citizenship: Divas, Marginality, and Participation in ‘Loca-lization’”

Anthony Petro (University of Chicago)
“The Methodist Church, Progressive Politics, and God’s Love Subjects: Gay and Lesbian Activism in a Chicago Methodist Church”


Sam Bullington (University of Minnesota)
“The Devil’s Deal of Cape Town: Race, Sexulaity, and the Limits of the Nation in Contemporary South Africa”


Alyssa Cymene Howe (University of New Mexico)
“Queers and Televisionaries: The Strategics of Sexuality in Neoliberal Nicaragua”




Lauren Hasten (Columbia University)
“Gender Pretenders: A Drag King Ethnography”


Constance Sullivan-Blum (SUNY Binghamton)
“‘Child Molesters, Murderers, and Republicans’: Accepting Gay and Lesbian People into the ‘Full Life Church’”



Niels Teunis (Northwestern University)
“Homosexuality in Dakar: Is the Bed the Heart of a Sexual Subculture?”
Printed in Journal of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Identities 1(2): 153–169.

Peter A. Newman (University of Michigan)


Patrick Larvie (University of Chicago)



Deborah A. Elliston (New York University)
“‘Ritualized Homosexuality’ in Anthropology: Critiquing a Concept, Re-Situating Practice”


Martin F. Manalansan IV (University of Rochester)
“(R)effacing the ‘Gay’ Filipino: Resistance, Postcolonialsim, and Identity”

Robert J. Morris
“Smoking the Image: The Systematic Censoring of Homotextuality from the Canon of ‘Hawaiiana’”


Dwayne C. Turner (UCLA)
“You Can Only Lead If We Follow: Internal Struggle of an AIDS Activist Group”


Carolyn White (University of Wisconsin)
“The Making of History: A Political Process”


Raleigh Watts (University of Washington)
“Gender Variance among Male Polynesians”


Scott Bravman (UC Santa Cruz)
“Anthropology as Politics: Language, Culture and Lesbian/Gay Theorizing”