AQA Website – Call for Syllabi & Images

The Association for Queer Anthropology is in the process of revamping and updating their website (, and we would love your help!

There are a few things we are looking and hoping for:

  1. Syllabi.  Our last call for syllabi (in 2015) yielded a number of fabulous syllabi on topics that intersect with anthropology, sexuality, and queer studies.  We can’t emphasize enough what a wonderful resource this is for senior scholars and students alike, and we would welcome your recent syllabi! (
  2. Images. We would love to add to, and update, the images that rotate in the top banner of our website (please have a look by clicking around at, and we are especially excited about populating this with images from AQA members or AQA enthusiasts.  Images that convey a diversity of queer experiences would be most welcome!  We ask, of course, that you only share images for which you have the rights (and have permission to share, especially those that include human subjects).  Please send images that are high resolution, and include the year it was taken, a description of the image (no more than a few words), and a name to credit the image.  We welcome images that are global and/or historical (i.e. they don’t necessarily need to be taken recently).

You can send syllabi and images to our communications co-chair, Christopher Baum, at

Thank you for helping to make the AQA website a useful and dynamic resource!

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