CFP: AQA Writing Workshop for Graduate Students

The purpose of this workshop, to be held at the this years AAA meetings in Chicago, is to support graduate students working in the domain of queer anthropology, broadly defined. The first four (4) participants who submit an article manuscript (8,000–10,000 words in length, all-inclusive of body text, footnotes, and references) to by Wednesday, November 6, 2013 will have their manuscript discussed in the workshop; additional participants will have their work discussed as time permits. The workshop discussion will address issues relevant to anthropologists in general, including how to structure an argument and how to relate ethnographic (and other) data to theoretical literatures and one’s own analysis. We will also address topics specific to queer anthropology, including how to craft manuscripts for generalist and topical journals and other venues, as well as how to address issues of ethics, activism, and the relationship between theory and empirical data.

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